When delivering the best, we want to work with the best. Are you interested in working with Fado to deliver world-class projects across the UK? We would love to hear from you.

Join a company that values quality: Fado is committed to delivering projects that meet and exceed client expectations. We rely on the best suppliers to help us achieve this.

We offer long-term relationships to our suppliers and actively look for ways to help them grow their businesses alongside ours.

We are transparent in our procurement process, ensuring that all suppliers are treated fairly and given equal opportunities to compete for work.

Construction Line - Gold

Fado prefer our sub-contractors in our supply chain to be verified at Constructionline Gold level with SSIP, or be targeting the same. We are keen to support our suppliers as they strive for this. 

To see what is required as part of Gold membership, visit the Constructionline website by clicking on the following link 


Initial exceptions to this policy:
• Client direct sub-contractors
• Sub-contractors with less than £250k annual turnover 

Sub-contractors who fall within the exceptions policy will continue to be assessed and approved by Fado’s internal system.

Aims & Objectives

Fado has chosen Constructionline as our preferred approval process, but will equally commit to supporting non-construction line suppliers to:

  • Treat everyone fairly and consistently.
  • Work collaboratively with our supply chain.
  • Streamline our procurement process to reduce bureaucracy and duplication.
  • Manage risk.
  • Provide our company, our clients and our employees with the reassurance that our supply chain is sustainable, accredited and operating to the highest standard approach in health and safety, financial stability, professional standing, environmental management and quality management. 

Benefits to our suppliers 

You will be part of a community of over 46,000 suppliers visible to over 8,000 buyers. 

You will store all your pre-qualification data on the Constructionline platform, saving you from completing multiple pre-qualifications every year. 


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